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VBC removable back-pack ballistic shield inserts come in a varity of text book covers, and scenes.

Give your child ballistic protection against

shot guns, .44, .45, 9mm and the AK-47.

VBC ballistic back pack inserts are extremely

affordable at $ 140.00 - plus shipping

179 School shootings since Columbine

Columbine to Newtown: A tragic list of 179 school shootings since 1999

By Michael Roberts

Published Mon., Dec. 17 2012 at 6:47 AM

Today's "politically correct" school security measures will not keep your children safe from a deranged, or determined school shooter.

As a parent you can take basic common sense steps to help protect your child.

The best defense to keep our children safe, are trained and armed school police.

Increase your childs safety with VBC extreme, and affordable ballisti shield back pack inserts.

Please contact VBC direct for any special needs or size request. VBC will answer any questions concerning ballistic shield protection for your children and family.