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The "BUNT" provides NIJ level III+ protection for the chest, neck, face, and head from angle shots from blind corners.

When not being used as an entry shield, the "BUNT" easily reverts to a forward sappy plate, or seat when airborne,

Offensively the BUNT shield can be used

in the Tongfa style of combat when blocking,

and returning heavy blows.

The BUNT also protects the face and head

from blast heat , and shrapnal.

Weight: 5 Lbs

Length: 17"

Width: 9"


$ 350.00

The "BUNT" was designed for Special Military Ops, TRT, Executive Security, and SWAT teams when clearing rooms, exiting vehicles, searching compounds, alleys, and crawl spaces. The NIJ Level III "enhanced" stopping power will take multiple AK-47 hits. 

Weighing only 5 pounds, the BUNT allows the hand to cradle shield while operating lights, and lasers for long or short barrel weapons.